The 20W laser of the Atomstack X20 Pro is really super powerful

The ATOMSTACK brand has introduced a new laser engraver for enthusiasts – the X20 Pro. It is interesting not only because of its high output power, which is sufficient even for working on metal, but also because of its clever design with an air compressor, its high working speed, and its “omnivorousness” in terms of image sources.

The trump card of this model is the proprietary design, which includes an array of four 6-watt LED lasers. Thanks to the total power of the working element of 20W, the device with a power consumption of 130 W can pierce or even cut thin (0.05 mm) sheets of metal. In wood, the maximum depth of cut through is up to 12 mm. Output dot size is 0,08 x 0,1 mm.

The engraver is capable of engraving 40×40 cm patterns at up to 12,000 mm/minute, depending on the complexity of the composition. The ATOMSTACK X20 Pro is equipped with a low-noise air cooling system. The compressor helps speed up work and clean the surface of the material being worked. Another useful feature is the modular design for easy transportation and setup.

Thanks to the variable power, the picture can be made not only in black, but also in shades of gray. The device recognizes most popular formats as an image source. LightBurn/LaserGRBL, JPG, SVG, PNG, DXF, TIF, BMP, PDF and NG files are supported, and the engraver can be used on Windows 10/11, macOS and Linux. There’s also a mobile app that allows you to submit a file for “printing” directly from your smartphone.

For safety purposes, there are emergency stop, full power off and current task reset buttons on the body of the device. The laser module is covered by a rugged casing and the operating element by a special glass that blocks harmful radiation.

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