xTool Screen Printer

xTool Screen Printer

Refining the way we approach screen printing, this brand-new solution brings an effortless, limitless, and flawless art printing experience for both beginners and professionals.

  • Reinvent Screen Printing with Laser
  • 6x Faster, Less Waiting Time
  • Industrial-grade Precision in House
  • Apply Vibrant Colors to Any Surface
  • Small working area

xTool Screen Printer is a revolutionary screen printing accessory that uses a laser-engraved stencil for its designs, cutting down the traditional screen printing process to just a few hours. It is perfect for both beginners and professionals alike and is versatile enough to be used for fabric printing, decorative painting, greeting cards, and even on materials like metal and wood.

Some key features of the xTool Screen Printer include:

Pre-coated screen mesh: The xTool Screen Printer comes with a pre-made screen that is coated on both sides using top-notch spray technology, eliminating the need for preparing the screen mesh.

Fast process: With the help of laser engraving, the traditional approach which usually requires 2-3 days for screen and plate making has been significantly shortened. Now, creating a screen plate only takes an average of 1-3 hours, making the process six times faster.

Adjustable height: Adjusting the height is straightforward, and there’s no need for any extra adjustments when switching print objects.

Compatibility: The printer currently handles a screen size of 11.5* 16 inches, which is compatible with xTool D1 Pro and xTool S1. However, smaller versions for other xTool machines are intended to be added.

The xTool Screen Printer is available for purchase on the xTool website, and there is currently a fan exclusive $10 pledge available that unlocks $300+ pioneer benefits.

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