xTool S1

xTool S1

xTool S1 is the world’s first 40W enclosed diode laser cutter. With various laser modules and an expansive accessory matrix, it fulfills diverse DIY requirements, unlocking endless creative possibilities for users.

  • The World's First 40W Enclosed Diode Laser
  • Faster & Stable Speed 600 mm/s
  • Brand New Positioning Method
  • Dynamic-Focus Engraving
  • Unknown for now

xTool has been working hard on their exploration of safety and we can see that their boxy machine, the xTool M1, has been out for a while now. In the desktop laser cutter market, they will be welcoming another new device this year, the xTool S1 40W Diode Laser Engraver.

As people’s cutting needs become more and more refined, the xTool brand concept was developed from the tool, with the aim of lowering the threshold for everyone to create, making it easy to create, making your ideas come to life, and allowing everyone to enjoy the fun of creating with their hands.

On October 11th, xTool’s flagship S1 laser cutting machine will be launched globally, which will bring a new round of technological innovation to the desktop-level laser cutting machine market.

Dynamic Focusing

The xTool S1 enables autofocus, which measures the thickness of the consumable by infrared distance and activates an intelligent algorithm so that the focus is set automatically, eliminating the need for manual focusing.

A big performance boost

The xTool S1 is available in 20W and 40W configurations. The laser modules all adopt compressed spot technology for a smaller spot and more energy. Laser spot is only 0.08mm, can easily achieve 0.01mm of ultra-high precision engraving; appearance of the S1 overall box design, the working area of 498*319 mm; chassis can be removed, the machine can be supported by the corners of the four corner of the machine to increase the height of the processing range, to achieve the processing of higher objects; users can be added to their own needs with the rotary attachment, three gears with different speeds can support 3-70mm diameter range of cylindrical objects. 70mm diameter range of cylindrical objects 360° laser engraving, so that the engraving work more rich.

User-friendly, widely applicable to all kinds of people

On the safety level, xTool S1 is designed with a cover, which can automatically filter blue light to protect human eyes; open the cover and stop to avoid accidental injuries; Meanwhile, users can choose to connect the machine and the software via Wi-Fi/USB/Ethernet or use it directly without connecting to a computer, which is very simple and easy to operate, create your ideas anytime, anywhere.

In addition, the machine has a built-in high-speed silent fan, the working sound is less than 55 decibels, enjoy a quiet working environment, to avoid causing disturbances; compared with the previous laser cutting machine, the S1 built-in exhaust fan to reduce pollution, but also can be connected to an external exhaust pipe to discharge smoke, to create a more environmentally friendly.

In addition, compared with the high price of traditional laser cutting machines in the market, xTool S1’s price is quite competitive. For xTool, this is also the vision behind the creation of the brand: to make creation fun for everyone. As their product manager said, “I hope to make the S1 a phenomenal product, because it is a tool that not only creators need, but every one of us, no matter adults or children who want to get their hands dirty and create, can turn your ideas into reality with its help.”

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