xTool RA2 Pro

xTool RA2 Pro

This is probably the best designed roller kit for a laser engraver out there. Because it integrates 4 kinds of accessories, it provides the most complete functions to customers.

  • More choices for jaws
  • Separate supporting leveling module
  • Pre-assembled modular design
  • More expensive
  • No tail or head stops to keep tapered cups

In fact, the xTool RA2 Pro, an accessory for engraving cylindrical objects, comes in a beautiful, well-designed package. All its parts are made of solid metal, with great edge cutting and a very good feel.

It is also very powerful, in addition to ordinary cylinders, such as metal thermos bottles, wine glasses can be well carved, but also irregular cylinders, very long sticks, very small rings, bracelets, and even spheres can be carved. xTool RA2 Pro can be said to be the best roller kit, but of course, the price is also the most expensive, than Atomstack R3 Pro expensive nearly double the price.

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