xTool P2

xTool P2

The xTool P2 is a CO2 laser cutter and engraver that provides a large bed size of 680*360mm and a processing area of 600*308mm. It is xTool’s most powerful laser to date, with a 55W CO2 laser tube. The machine has dual smart cameras and a passthrough slot, making it comparable to other popular desktop CO2 laser cutters like Glowforge.

  • 55W CO2 Laser Power
  • 600mm/s Working Speed
  • Processing Precision: 0.01mm
  • Long-range camera + close-range camera
  • Haven't found yet

xTool announced the upcoming release of the P2 in March 2023 during a live-stream event. The P2 will be xTool’s most powerful laser to date and will compete with Glowforge’s popular range of machines. However, there are few details available about the P2 other than its laser type and power.

The xTool P2 is a 55W CO2 laser cutter and engraver that provides a large bed size. It is equipped with an Automatic Conveyor Feeder that provides automatic passthrough for precision and convenience when engraving and cutting extra-large materials. The maximum height of an engraved object can reach 2.7 inches, and it can even engrave higher objects by using the riser base. It is compatible with RA2 Pro, the 4-in-1 rotary attachment, which allows for rotary engraving on tumblers, mugs, spheres, and rings.

It has a fast travel speed of 600mm/s and a working area of 680*360*75 mm, enough to make great projects! It has front and rear access doors for installing long materials.

In terms of accessories, it is equipped with a camera with two 16MP lenses with autofocus, water cooling, air assist and a fume extraction fan.
It is also compatible with the RA2 Pro rotary tool, for engraving cylindrical objects! In short, a great little machine that looks incredible!

The xTool P2 carries an MSRP of $4,999. However, there is a “Super early-bird” discount available for buyers based in the United States.

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