xTool F1

xTool F1

The xTool F1 is a high-speed, compact, high-performance laser engraver. It has dual laser sources and can engrave finely on a variety of materials such as metal, ceramics, and synthetic leather.

  • 2W Infrared Laser
  • 10W Diode Blue Laser
  • Industrial flow meter mirror system
  • 3,000mm/s motion speed
  • Limited work area

The xTool brand of Makeblock, a company that provides STEAM education solutions, recently introduced a compact high-performance laser engraver called xTool F1. Equipped with a dual light source of 2W Infrared Laser and 10W Diode Blue Laser, it allows for fine engraving on a variety of materials such as metal, ceramics, and synthetic leather.

The xTool F1 is an oscillating mirror laser engraver equipped with an industrial grade detector mirror system. The laser beam is pointed at an oscillating mirror and the laser is reflected in any direction. The 2W infrared laser handles a maximum speed of 3,000 mm/s and the 10W blue laser engraves at a maximum speed of 1,800 mm/s. You can have your name engraved in less than a minute.

The xTool F1 is equipped with a 10W blue laser and a 2W red laser. Depending on the wavelength difference, it can engrave on more than 10 materials. It can also cut 10mm wood panels and 3mm black acrylic. However, it is worth mentioning that due to the nature of the laser wavelength, acrylics such as white and clear cannot be cut.

It has a built-in industrial grade vibrating mirror. There is less possibility of duplication and false images and delicate engraving can be achieved.

The operation is so simple that anyone can handle it. xTool F1 uses two types of focusing: autofocus and manual focusing.

  • Auto Focus: After entering the corresponding material thickness in the dedicated software, the laser head automatically raises and lowers to focus.
  • Manual focus: After setting the material, you can manually focus by turning the knob on the main unit.

In terms of operating software, you can use “xTool Creative Space”, which is available as a mobile app. Data can be transferred via Wi-Fi. It supports three types of devices: smartphones, iPads and computers. The software has more than 100 processing modes to choose from. You can easily engrave on any material.

This device weighs less than 4 kg, so you can lift it by hand and perform engraving operations. Because it is compact, it is portable. It is also useful in stores and event venues.

The body of the device is designed in one piece to ensure safety. You can see a protective cover included that filters out lasers and protects people’s glasses. xTool F1 is also equipped with a smoke vent to prevent smoke from spreading. You can even have another air purifier that can filter out unpleasant odors. But this air purifier needs to be purchased separately.

The working area of portable laser engraving will obviously receive limitations. On a flat surface, the xTool F1 has a working area of 100 * 100 mm, while if you use the Rotary Kit RA2 Pro, you can process cylinders up to 120 mm in diameter and 100 mm in width. Also, you can equip it with an L-shaped fixture for easy alignment and increased efficiency in batch processing of the same material.

In combination with the optional rotation kit xTool RA2 Pro, we can engrave cylindrical objects at 360°.

Product Parameters:

Model xTool F1
Laser Output 10W + 2W
Dimension 150×224×315mm
Weight 3.22 KG
Engraving Range 100 * 100 mm
Processing Speed 2W Infrared Laser: 3000 mm/s; 10W Diode Blue Laser: 1800 mm/s

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