xTool F1 Ultra

xTool F1 Ultra

The xTool F1 Ultra is a symbol of innovation, safety and efficiency. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or small business owner, the F1 Ultra will fulfill your need for the ultimate in precision and creativity.

  • 2-in-1 Dual 20 Laser
  • Auto Focus with Camera Manual Focus
  • Pixel Algorithm for HD Photo Printing
  • 3D Curve Engraving
  • Too expensive

In today’s fast-changing manufacturing and personalization market, the xTool F1 Ultra revolutionizes laser engraving with its unique dual laser system and superior performance. This innovative device combines the advantages of a fiber laser and a diode laser to provide users with a versatile and efficient engraving solution.

Innovative Dual Laser System

The xTool F1 Ultra is the world’s first laser engraver to integrate a 20W fiber laser and a 20W diode laser. This combination not only increases the speed of engraving, but also broadens the range of materials it can work with, enabling it to handle everything from wood and acrylic to metal and leather.

Extremely fast engraving experience

The device’s maximum engraving speed of up to 4000mm/s means that even complex designs can be quickly completed in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional fabricator, the xTool F1 Ultra meets their needs for both speed and precision.

Versatile Applications

The xTool F1 Ultra is not only suitable for personal projects, it is also ideal for commercial production. Its versatility makes it ideal for everything from small businesses to large manufacturers. Whether you’re adding a personalized logo to a product or fine engraving on a work of art, the xTool F1 Ultra delivers superior results.

Portable and Safe

The compact design of the xTool F1 Ultra is portable, making it easy to take it wherever you need it for on-site engraving. It also ensures user safety by producing no fumes or harmful laser light during operation.

High Precision Engraving

Using advanced galvanometer technology, the xTool F1 Ultra is able to achieve engraving accuracy of 0.00199mm, which clearly reveals even the smallest details and meets the most demanding quality and aesthetic requirements.

Extensive accessories and software support

The xTool F1 Ultra is equipped with a wide range of rotary accessories that cover 90% of daily use scenarios. It also comes with free XCS software, compatible with Lightburn, which provides intelligent image processing functions and motion algorithms to greatly improve creative efficiency.

Wide range of material compatibility

Whether you need to engrave or cut, the xTool F1 Ultra can handle a wide range of materials including wood, acrylic, paper, and leather, providing users with a wide range of creation possibilities.

User Reviews

According to professional reviews, the xTool F1 Ultra scores high marks in both performance and user satisfaction, and is considered one of the fastest and most reliable laser engraving devices on the market.

The launch of the xTool F1 Ultra has undoubtedly set a new benchmark for laser engraving technology, providing users with an unprecedented experience in terms of speed, precision and versatility. As the demand for personalization and customization continues to grow, the xTool F1 Ultra is set to become the leading choice in the market.

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