Honestly, I love the Z-axis auto focus up and down, and the TwoTrees TS2 has just the right capability. It eliminates the need to adjust the focus manually.

  • Powerful high-speed air assist
  • Ultra-thin high density 10W laser beam
  • Engraving speed 10,000mm/min
  • 32-bit LX6 microprocessor
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Does not support offline work
  • No touch screen

A few weeks ago, TwoTrees presented a new device – the Laser Engraver TS2 is the latest model from the Chinese 3D printer and laser manufacturer. We have often presented similar devices from Ortur or Aufero. We have always pointed out the lack of safety precautions and the resulting dangers. The TwoTrees TS2 now comes with a 10 Watt module.

That being said, a 10 watt module does offer some advantages and the TwoTrees TS2 is overall a very modern device that we will take a quick look at below.

Not only is the TwoTrees TS2’s laser module one of the strongest you’ll find on the China laser market right now. The device actually has excellent data beyond that as well. The maximum engraving speed is 10,000mm/min. An area of up to 45 x 45cm can be processed – larger is currently not possible. By the way, TwoTrees has attached a scale to each of the axes, so that the position of the laser can be read – this should be very useful especially for setting.

With 10 watts of optical power, the laser module is also one of the most powerful on the Chinese market. This makes it very dangerous, but it can also cut wood (up to 8mm), leather and acrylic, as well as engrave metal and glass. Another special feature is the laser’s auto-focus. Instead of having to focus manually via a focus ring, this is now done with the push of a button – very practical! Not least because of this, the TwoTrees TS2 achieves an accuracy of 0.08mm. Another reason for this might be the tensioning wheels for the belts.

As mentioned at the beginning, the security of this device is absolutely inadequate. However, TwoTrees obviously wants to make a different appearance here and advertises some safety features. These include an infrared fire detection (which stops the laser in case of an emergency and plays an alarm), a gyroscope (which disables all functions if the laser tips over) and an emergency stop button.

You can control the TwoTrees TS2 either via the free program LaserGRBL, Lightburn or the “MKSLaser” app, which you can find in the Play and App Store. The latter is only necessary for the start of the laser process, afterwards the connection does not have to be maintained.

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