The SCULPFUN S30 Ultra is a laser engraving machine that comes with enhanced 11W, 22W, and 33W laser options. It also has an ultra-thin 5W, 10W, and 20W laser option. The laser focus is as thin as hair, making it very powerful for engraving. The machine also features automatic air assist, a replaceable lens, upgraded linear slide, and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • 11W, 22W, and 33W laser options
  • 30mm Solid wood Cutting in One-PASS
  • 15mm Acrylic Cutting in One-PASS
  • It can even cut 0.1mm thin sheet metal
  • Laser sintering temperature up to 3000℃
  • Touch screen not upgraded

We’re pleased to announce that SCULPFUN has recently launched the S30 Ultra series of machines, with the following main features It has all the advanced features of the S30 series, including automatic air assist, linear guide, limit switch and replaceable lens.

Three power options are available, 11W, 22W and 33W. When upgrading the power, you only need to replace the laser, nothing else needs to be changed, including the same cable and power supply. The power is slightly higher than the S30 series, which is why they have delayed the release of the S30 20W upgrade laser head.

The standard working area is 600×600 mm, which is a very practical area and you don’t need to upgrade the machine area frequently. For future machines you only need to upgrade the lasers.

A safety emergency stop switch and key lock have been added. A Bluetooth antenna has been added and the Bluetooth connection can be used directly as standard.

In addition, if it is shipped from an overseas warehouse, the price will be very friendly, making it a very good cost effective choice.
The single diode of the S30 Ultra series adopts the latest 6W diode, and the theoretical power is higher than that of the S30 series. They will directly release the S30 Ultra 10W 20W 30W laser upgrade kit to help S9 or other machine users to upgrade.

What is the difference between SCULPFUN S30 Ultra and SCULPFUN S30 Pro?

The main difference between the SCULPFUN S30 Ultra and the SCULPFUN S30 Pro is the laser power. The S30 Ultra comes with enhanced 11W, 22W, and 33W laser options, while the S30 Pro comes with ultra-thin 5W, 10W, and 20W laser options123. Additionally, the S30 Pro has a replaceable lens design and includes a laser repair kit, while the S30 Ultra does not mention these features. The S30 Pro is also made of high-strength aluminum alloy and can bear up to 50KG weight without damage.

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