With the SCULPFUN S10, we get an ingenious laser engraver that excited us from the first minute. Anyone who is familiar with the subject matter will quickly find their way around and achieve great results.

  • Powerful high-speed air assist
  • Ultra-thin high density 10W laser beam
  • Expandable engraving area
  • Industrial-grade cutting accuracy
  • Upgradable 32-bit motherboard
  • Does not support offline work
  • No touch screen

Sculpfun is a Chinese company from the tech metropolis Shenzhen and has made a name for itself from there all over the world with its diode laser. The Sculpfun S6 Pro and S9 are very popular lasers. There are only positive reports about these products. We got the chance from Sculpfun to put their new high-end diode laser through its paces.

The new laser is called Sculpfun S10 and has a 10W diode laser built in and is therefore 2 times stronger than the SCULPFUN S9.

Here is a promotional video for their company:


The design of the Sculpfun S10 is successful in our eyes and looks really chic, especially the color is really something. A big change has been made to the S9 on the x-axis. The laser now sits on line rails, which we find positive. This allows the laser to move with pinpoint accuracy. This is especially visible in the engraving details, where the line is engraved nice and straight. With this, wavy lines are over, other engraving machines have this problem.

The Sculpfun S10 also has a high-speed AirAssist. The nozzle in it has an advanced fluidic design, which makes better use of air pressure. By using an air compressor, the S10 sprays the airflow to provide significant cutting efficiency. For example, if we use an air compressor of 30 l/min and 0.03 MPa, the S10 nozzle sprays a high-speed airflow of up to 14.5 m/s. This significantly improves cutting and engraving, and we no longer have any smudge marks on the wood. The laser goes through the wood so smoothly, it’s really impressive.

Sculpfun offers a small compact air pump for the perfect air pressure, but this must be purchased separately. The air pump in conjunction with the laser provides excellent results. The air pump comes to a total size of 17*14*6 cm. If you buy this laser, you should also order the small compact air pump at the same time.


The laser has also been improved to the S9, here for the first time a 10W output power is given and is thus twice as high as it was still the case with its predecessor. In addition, the laser beam has been refined and now has a focus of 0.08 mm. This means that the laser has an even higher energy density. Which means that the cutting & engraving power is increased once again.

The S10 also has a 32-bit motherboard, which significantly improves the computing speed. There is also the option of installing a Z-end stop. We would have wished for this from the factory.

The laser comes with a working area of 410*400 mm, which should be enough for most projects. If you need more workspace, Sculpfun offers an expansion kit that allows you to increase your workspace by 230%. Simply extend the Y-axis and you will have a working area of 950*400 mm.

Cutting Power

A very special highlight of the Sculpfun S10 is the enormous cutting strength of the laser. We have had various thicknesses of different materials in our test. Among others, the laser perfectly cut 10 mm thick Paulownia wood with only one pass. It is important that the compressed air support is on.

Black acrylic 8 mm can also be cut perfectly with a few passes. This proves how strong the laser really is, the laser is thus ready for use in many areas. For this we have cut letters or shapes from the different materials.


There is also a Honeycomb from Sculpfun this serves as a base for your materials that you want to laser. The honeycomb pattern minimizes burns and yellowing. A right-angled measuring scale on the X-axis and Y-axis allows you to measure the cutting object easily and quickly. The Honeycomb is cleanly finished, has no sharp edges and did a good job in our tests especially when cutting wood. The dimensions are 400*400 mm.

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