NEJE 3 Max

NEJE 3 Max

NEJE 3 Max is a laser engraving machine produced by NEJE. It is an upgraded version of the NEJE Master 2 and features a larger engraving area, faster engraving speed, and improved software compatibility. The NEJE 3 Max is capable of engraving on a variety of materials, including wood, leather, plastic, and more. It also supports grayscale engraving and can be controlled via a smartphone app. The machine is designed for both personal and professional use and is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as DIY crafts, personalized gifts, and industrial production.

  • Top Engraving Capability
  • Performance Improvement
  • Large Engraving Area
  • Extensive Software Compatibility
  • Frame design has room for improvement

In addition to a 3D printer, hobbyists, creative people and hobby makers often also need laser engravers and cutters to give their work the final touch, a special engraving or something similar. The NEJE 3 Max is a laser engraver and laser cutter from the manufacturer NEJE. Among other things, it is equipped with the powerful 12W A40640 laser with an Air Assist Kit. We have tested the NEJE 3 Max extensively and present our test results, the advantages and disadvantages of the NEJE 3 Max as well as its special features and features in more detail here.

Laser engravers and cutters are a popular device for hobby makers and creative people, who can better implement their ideas with engraving or laser cutting. Be it a personalized gift, unusual decoration or other projects, laser engravers are the perfect tool. Commercial areas also benefit from using a desktop laser engraver. With these, texts or graphics can be burned onto leather, cork, wood, bamboo, tiles, mirrors and more at the push of a button. The latest models such as the NEJE 3 Max can also cut thin wood or cardboard very precisely.

With the NEJE 3 Max, NEJE is launching a laser engraving and cutting machine with a powerful 12W+ diode laser. NEJE promises clean results without wavy lines. Automatic Air Assist Kit improves cutting and engraving results. On its website, NEJE supports its customers with numerous tips and information on how everyone can get the best out of the NEJE 3 Max. For less than 600 euros, the NEJE 3 Max delivers results of industrial quality and is very easy to use.

The engraving accuracy of the NEJE 3 Max is 0.075mm with a laser that has 12W+ pulse and 11W continuous optical power. This allows a very large amount of materials to be cut and engraved. These include plastic, cardboard, stone, leather, aluminum, stainless steel, glass, solid wood (engraving) and more. The NEJE 3 Max only needs a pattern that is given to it by a computer. The laser output power of 12 W and the wavelength of 405 nm with a focus of 0.04 x 0.06 mm produce very precise results.

All-aluminum alloy and PC material hybrid frame ensures high precision, strong, smooth and easy to maintain. It is assembled in less than half an hour and can be started after just a few adjustments. The NEJE 3 Max can be used with your own programs from JEE or Laser GRBL, LightBurn and Co. It supports common file formats and is compatible with Windows and MacOS.

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