LaserPecker LX1

LaserPecker LX1

With a foldable gantry frame design, the LaserPecker LX1 is small in size but has a huge engraving area, making it probably the most design-oriented laser engraver available. It is also extremely scalable, allowing for the replacement of infrared laser modules and even the installation of a writing pen.

  • 20W 450nm Blue Laser
  • Interchangeable Modules
  • Expandable module
  • 1064nm Infrared Laser + Artist Module
  • Structural stability to be verified

High scalability and high portability are the main features of LaserPecker laser engraving machines. This is a unique company that insists on its own original design. The popular diode laser engraving machines are generally of frame type construction, such as Atomstack, xTool, Ortur and other popular models, and usually their engraving area is in the 400*400mm class. If you want to continue to increase the working area, the solution now is to replace the Y-axis extension kit with a longer one.

Incredibly, LaserPecker LX1 adopts the gantry design, the foldable cantilever makes the whole machine’s volume instantly reduced, however, its working area is not reduced, reaching 420*400 mm. What is even more incredible is that LX1 also has its own extension kit, just replace a fixed shaft, you can achieve a working area of 800*400 mm, this This model is called LaserPecker LX1 Max.

The LaserPecker LX1 itself is equipped with a 20W diode blue laser module, which has a good ability to cut wood with a spot area of 0.05*0.05mm, and the engraving results will be great. If you need a metal engraver, a 2W IR laser module is also available as an option. You can even install a pen for drawing and writing.

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