LaserPecker LX1 Max

LaserPecker LX1 Max

The LaserPecker LX1 Max is a compact and portable laser engraving machine with a foldable gantry frame design. It has a maximum engraving area of 800*400 mm. The LaserPecker brand also offers other products such as handheld laser devices and mini laser engravers controlled via Bluetooth using a smartphone APP.

  • 20W 450nm Blue Laser
  • Interchangeable Modules
  • Maximum engraving area of 800*400 mm
  • 1064nm Infrared Laser + Artist Module
  • Structural stability to be verified

LaserPecker LX1 Max is a laser engraving machine that has a foldable gantry frame design, making it small in size but with an area of 800*400 mm. It has a 20W 450nm Blue Laser Interchangeable Modules Expandable module 1064nm Infrared Laser + Artist Module.

It is highly scalable and portable, making it unique compared to other diode laser engraving machines that are generally of frame type construction. The LX1 Max uses the gantry design, which makes the whole machine’s volume instantly reduced while its working area is not reduced, reaching 420*400 mm. It also has its own extension kit – just replace a fixed shaft to achieve a working area of 800*400 mm.

On the other hand, Laserpecker L1 Pro Suite is a mini laser engraver controlled via Bluetooth using a smartphone app. You don’t need a PC to control this engraver. The maximum engraving area of this laser is 10*10cm. The laser diode is advertised to have 1500mW output power but through tests performed by, they think that the optical laser power should be closer to the 1.5W than 0.5W as it is engraving quite well. The Laserpecker L1 Pro Suite package comes with an autofocusing stand that really transforms it to the next level.

It’s important to note that LaserPecker LX1 Max and Laserpecker L1 Pro Suite are two different models from the same company. While both are laser engravers, they have different features and specifications.

I wish to use the LaserPecker LX1 Max to take to my craft fair. I make handcrafted wooden veneer lamps and shades. When I show at craft fairs the portable LaserPecker LX1 Max will be perfect, as I would like to offer the customers a chance to have one of their photos engraved on the inside of the wooden veneer light shade. This will look fantastic as it will then show the image when the light is on. Do you think the LaserPecker LX1 will be suitable for my intentions?

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