LaserPecker 4

LaserPecker 4

LaserPecker 4 packs both a 10W 450nm laser and a 2W 1064nm laser into its compact body and boosts the engraving speed up to an incredible 1200mm/s.

  • 10W 450nm Laser, Upgraded 4K Resolution
  • 2W 1064nm Laser, Photo-like 8K Sharpness
  • Seamlessly Switch from Strong to Stronger
  • 1,200mm/s motion speed
  • Limited work area

Less than two months after the release of LaserPecker 3, we noticed that the company LaserPecker is about to grab our attention again with their fourth generation of products. Founded in 2017, LaserPecker has brought a number of impressive products to the DIY laser tool market. To date, the LaserPecker 2 remains one of the most crowdfunded technology projects on Kickstarter, with over 7,000 people backing and loving it worldwide.

If the LaserPecker 3 was the first device to feature a 1W 1064nm wavelength IR laser, the LaserPecker 4 not only upgrades the 2W IR laser, but also adds an additional 10W diode blue laser.

The LaserPecker 4 is still portable and has an incredible 1200mm/s engraving speed, with a touch screen on the top of the unit that allows us to seamlessly switch between the two laser sources and engrave your favorite pattern on any surface with a simple swipe of a finger.

In terms of engraving results, the company claims a resolution of 4K for the 10W 450nm laser and a staggering 8K for the 2W 1064nm laser.  Regardless, the LaserPecker 4 portable dual laser marker breaks through the limitations of the workplace, allowing one to work anywhere, anytime. The addition of dual laser sources and innovative roller accessories provide power, making it capable of engraving and cutting on virtually any material type and any shape.

Even with great hardware, easy-to-use laser software is essential, and LaserPecker not only gives customers access to the software on the PC, but also upgrades it with an app for cell phones to improve user productivity.

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