LaserPecker 3

LaserPecker 3

LaserPecker 3 is the third generation of portable laser engraving machine, this time it is equipped with infrared laser, which will have more advantages than blue laser for engraving on metal. In addition, in terms of engraving speed, it has reached 600mm/s.

  • 600mm/s Engraving Speed
  • 3750mm/s Preview Speed
  • 360 Degree Cylindrical Rotating Engraving
  • Limited work area

Unlike the second generation portable engraver LaserPecker 2 Pro, this time the third generation LaserPecker 3 is equipped with an infrared laser head, which means that its engraving ability on metal and plastic surfaces will be more outstanding. The device is claimed to be the smallest portable fiber optic marking machine available. At the same time, Atomstack also released a similar product two months ago, the Atomstack M4 laser marking machine.

LaserPecker 3 infrared marking machine is designed with dual optical lenses and dual focus to achieve high precision engraving with 4K resolution. We can directly hand-hold it to engrave on the surface of the object, regardless of the size and shape of the engraved object.

If you want to engrave on a cylindrical surface, you need to use the dual roller auto-rotation kit, which can achieve 360° rotation engraving on the cylinder. We can also control the lift of the stand by high precision motor to achieve different height object carving.

In terms of mobile software, we can download LaserPecker’s own developed APP to edit pictures, text, hand-painted signatures, and QR code engraving to meet all customization needs.

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