iKier K1

iKier K1

In this class of 10W diode laser engraver, I think iKier K1 is the most powerful, not only because of its dual-core 12W laser output, but also because of its 800m/s engraving speed, motorized Z-axis and other features.

  • Engraving speed up to 800mm/s
  • Dual 6W laser coupled into 12W output
  • Motorized Z-axis
  • Smart Auto Focus
  • Automatic sinking during cutting
  • Unknown for now

On the first day of 2023, during the New Year holidays, I discovered a new engraver brand called iKier, I saw the product pictures on their Facebook page and honestly, I was attracted by its design. The laser module is equipped with a string of LED lights that can be used to display the intensity of the laser while working, very futuristic and technological.

The current mainstream 10W laser output engraving machines include Atomstack X7 Pro, Xtool D1 Pro, Ortur Laser Master 3, all of which have achieved good market reputation among the customers. The above models are equipped with two 5W lasers coupled into one 10W laser beam, however, the iKier K1 laser engraver is equipped with the latest two 6W lasers coupled into one 12W laser beam. We can assume that the iKier K1 will be stronger in the 10W laser class.

This time the new brand brings us three configurations of products, which are: iKier K1 with 2*6W 12W Laser Power; iKier K1 Pro with 4*6W 24W Laser Power; iKier K1 Ultra with 6*6W 36W Laser Power. The remaining two, which I will introduce later, will be the flagship class.

From what I’ve been told so far, the iKier K-Series laser engraver will have the highest engraving speed in its class at 48,000mm/min, or 800 mm/s. Why is the iKier K1’s engraver so fast? It turns out that they use linear bearings, more powerful motors, and optimized motion algorithms, resulting in faster and more accurate laser module movement.

Since it is positioned as a high-end brand, it has to be said that this time iKier added features such as motorized Z-axis, autofocus, and sink cut, which undoubtedly pulled up the brand image and gave people a lot of confidence in iKier’s R&D capabilities.

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