Gweike Cloud G1

Gweike Cloud G1

Gweike Cloud G1 is a laser cutter and engraver designed by Gweike Cloud in collaboration with Lightburn. It is a combination of compatibility and efficiency, aiming to save time and money.

  • Bulid-in Powerful Air Assist& Get Clean Surface
  • Faster Speed 400mm/s Save More Time
  • Reaches 0.01mm Precision
  • Rotary Supported & Works Perfectly with Cylindrical
  • Unknown for now

Gweike Cloud G1 is a laser cutter and engraver that is designed to be efficient and compatible with Lightburn software. It is equipped with a red light positioning system that makes it easy to focus with adjustment. The G1 also has a versatile rotary attachment that works perfectly with cylindrical and spherical objects. It has a precision of 0.01mm and a speed of 400mm/s. The G1 is equipped with a set of risers to engrave larger projects. It also has a safety feature that triggers an emergency stop if the machine tips over.

In the diode laser engraver industry, with the rise of xTool, there are many Chinese brands copying it one after another. In fact, we can see the shadow of xTool D1 Pro in the design of Gweike Cloud G1. In terms of product positioning analysis, the Gweike Cloud G1 is an entry-level product that comes with a 10W laser output more suitable for engraving work, and simple cutting work. If you need to do a lot of cutting work every day, then higher power laser modules, such as 20W, 30W, are a must. We believe Gweike will soon release a higher power laser product.

It’s worth noting that the air assist system is designed on the moving X-axis, which is a novel innovation, and I can’t wait to see if it’s better than an external air pump?

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