FoxAlien Reizer Pro

FoxAlien Reizer Pro

The FoxAlien Reizer Pro is a 40W laser engraver with a 10W laser output that can be used to engrave and cut various materials such as wood, MDF, ceramic, acrylic, and metal. The machine is designed for fast assembly and simple use, making it accessible to hobbyists, amateurs, and beginners.

  • Very precise laser
  • Fast engraving performance
  • Large working area and high clearance
  • Works with most engraving software and file formats
  • No roller accessory
  • Limited on-board controls

The FoxAlien Reizer Pro is a laser engraving machine that is designed for hobbyists, amateurs, and beginners to explore the engraving world and create their own works. The Reizer Pro has a 40W laser module with a 10W optical output, which makes it more powerful than the FoxAlien Reizer 20W laser engraver. The focusing distance of the Reizer Pro is 40mm, and the cutting efficiency is improved by 200% compared to the 20W model. The Reizer Pro also has a 32-bit control board and an adjustable Z-axis for easy focusing, which enables the machine to work more stably and smoothly.

The Reizer Pro is made with fine workmanship, including an aluminum body frame and metal parts for stable performance. The machine is designed for fast assembly and simple use, making it easy for beginners to get started with laser engraving. The Reizer Pro package includes the main parts pre-installed, a 40W laser head, power supply, USB cable, U disk, goggle, user manual, and packs of screws.

FoxAlien is an industry leader in CNC and DIY projects for any hobbyist. They offer a range of products, including CNC routers, CNC router bits, CNC accessories, and laser engraving machines. FoxAlien is a trusted vendor for thousands of makers who love their products.

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