Atomstack X30 Pro

Atomstack X30 Pro

Atomstack X30 Pro is the most powerful diode blue light engraver in the world today, bar none, and it is a milestone in the development of laser technology.

  • The World's First 6-core Diode Laser
  • 20mm Solid wood Cutting in One-PASS
  • 10mm Acrylic Cutting in One-PASS
  • It can even cut 0.1mm thin sheet metal
  • Laser sintering temperature up to 3000℃
  • Price above $1200
  • Touch screen not upgraded

The company Atomstack has made a remarkable contribution to the rapid development of diode blue laser technology in the last two years. The key to this is the laser beam coupling technology, which is a superposition of energy by aggregating and compressing multiple beams of 5W power into a single super laser beam.

Why is Atomstack the biggest contributor? Because the Chinese company has launched the X7 Pro with a 10W laser, the X20 Pro with a 20W laser, and now they have launched the X30 Pro with a 30W laser. With three leaps in less than two years, we can’t help but wonder if they will launch a 40W laser, and I think the answer is yes.

If you use Atomstack X30 Pro laser engraver, you can cut 20mm wood board, 10mm black acrylic board, and even 0.1mm stainless steel board at one time, which can directly engrave mirror stainless steel metal, ceramics, opaque glass and other materials.

Even if you want to engrave a colorful pattern on metal, then it’s no problem. X30 Pro is equipped with a new upgraded 32-bit motherboard with a built-in 256-bit color scale map for finer engraving and higher contrast, so your engraved work is not just black from now on.

As a flagship machine, the Atomstack X30 Pro comes in a package with two included accessories, a dual pump air assist system and a matrix cutting table. In short, it is the most powerful diode blue light engraver in the world today and is a milestone in the development of laser technology. If you are considering purchasing a laser cutting machine, then the X30 Pro is definitely the right choice for you.

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