Atomstack M4

Atomstack M4

With industrial-grade resolution, speed and power, the Atomstack M4 Laser Marking Machine allows you to engrave clearly and quickly on a variety of surfaces, from metal to plastic and even leather. Whether it’s for a commercial project or a personal business, the Atomstack M4 is a partner you can trust.

  • Desktop and handheld two working modes
  • Fiber Laser Power with 1064nm Infrared wavelength
  • Standard speed 720,000 mm/min
  • Engraving specialist for metal and plastic surfaces
  • Limited work area

The Atomstack M4 is a fiber optic marking machine that is perfect for engraving on metal and plastic surfaces. As we all know, Atomstack is a leader in the diode laser field and this year they have launched a portable device equipped with an infrared laser. Keep in mind that portable laser engraver devices have always been LaserPecker’s strong point, and we have previously featured a similar product, the LaserPecker 3.

The Atomstack M4 has an industrial look and a metal body that contributes to the structural integrity of the machine. The laser module sits on the arm or Y-axis, which in turn sits on the support plate or X-axis, which in this case has no buttons, and has a removable aluminum plate with an open design to engrave large objects.

It measures 320*200*250mm and weighs just 5.89kg, which in turn means it is one of the smallest fiber optic markers available. It is worth noting that this open design means that the base says goodbye to the button that raises and lowers the laser, a task now left to the lift knob located at the top of the Y-axis. the Atomstack M4 uses dual infrared pulsed lasers at 1064nm with 2W of power, regardless of the size or shape of the object. In addition, it offers an engraving area of 70 x 70mm, which we know is small, but is sufficient for the average user.

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