Atomstack F30

Atomstack F30

This is an air assist from Atomstack for their older models that will greatly improve the laser engraver experience.

  • 10-30L/min adjustable airflow air pump
  • Noise decibel: <60dB
  • Parameter: 10-30L/Min
  • Nozzle only fits Atomstack

If you are an Atomstack user, then it is definitely necessary for you to have an air assist for your laser engraver. This device keeps the work area clean, protects the lens and prevents flammable materials from burning.

The Atomstack F30 is equipped with a 10-30L/min adjustable airflow air pump that effectively removes fumes from the laser cutting or engraving process, preventing fumes from causing laser energy decay and keeping the laser energy stable so you can work at your best.

A quiet working environment is especially important. The Atomstack F30’s air pump produces only 60 decibels of noise during operation, similar to the volume of a household electric fan at work, giving you a quiet working environment.

This kit is suitable for almost all ATOMSTACK engraving machine models, easy to install, 5 minutes to install, no need to purchase additional accessories.

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