Atomstack F1

Atomstack F1

This is the first honeycomb board with clamps that hold materials such as wood panels in place, allowing for more precise cutting.

  • Fast heat dissipation
  • Protect the desktop
  • Anti skid fixture fixing
  • Quick measurement
  • Smaller working area

The sturdy honeycomb structure reduces the reflection of the light beam, minimizing the resulting disadvantages.

When cutting on the Atomstack F1 honeycomb stage, the laser beam can pass through the material to improve efficiency and reduce the reflection of the laser to the material, thus improving the laser cutting machine’s cutting results. When people use the honeycomb stage, fumes and dust will be exhausted directly from the bottom, thus reducing the impact of fumes and dust on the workpiece and increasing the efficiency of the laser cutting machine’s exhaust fan.

In addition, the honeycomb table is also suitable for handling thinner materials such as leather, fabric and paper. With the help of powerful extraction suction and magnetism, these thin materials can be placed flat on the table for better cutting and engraving.

ATOMSTACK laser cutting honeycomb worktable is thickened with fixtures, CO2 or diode laser engraving machine cutting machine is universal, all metal structure, no deviation, no deformation, fast heat dissipation, easy to observe workbench protection table.

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