Atezr V35 Plus

Atezr V35 Plus

There is no doubt that if you are a player with a major need for cutting work, then a 30W laser can certainly help you. ATEZR V35 PLUS is worth buying as the most powerful diode laser device available and is your productivity tool.

  • The World's First 6-core Diode Laser
  • 20mm Solid wood Cutting in One-PASS
  • 10mm Acrylic Cutting in One-PASS
  • It can even cut 0.1mm thin sheet metal
  • Laser sintering temperature up to 3000℃
  • Price above $1200
  • Touch screen not upgraded

The Atezr V35 Plus, like the Atomstack X30 Pro, is equipped with a 30W class diode laser module, which is the highest output laser cutter in the field today. The laser module is made up of six 6W laser beams coupled into one super laser beam, which can theoretically reach 36W, but I think 30W to 33W is the norm.

The newly upgraded Atezr V35 Plus features spot compression technology with a spot area of 0.06 x 0.1mm, which, together with the air-assisted system, gives a remarkable cutting effect and reduces burn marks on the cutting surface. With such a strong diode laser, it can cut through 22 mm of paulownia wood and 12 mm of black acrylic in one pass, and the most immediate effect is that it enhances the user’s work efficiency.

This new machine has a 430 x 430 mm work area, and you can also purchase an expansion kit to increase the work area to 430 mm * 850 mm. The 32-bit motherboard of the Atezr V35 Plus allows for faster, more reliable engraving, and features Wi-Fi connectivity for faster transfer rates.

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