Atezr P20 Plus

Atezr P20 Plus

The P20 Plus is a powerful diode laser engraver and cutter, built by the Atezr team after years of research on laser engraving machines, which can meet the needs of large, medium, and small engraving and cutting projects.

  • Ultra-fine Laser Engraving and Cutting
  • Fast engraving performance
  • 430x430mm Large Carving Area
  • Color engraving on stainless steel
  • No Y-axis extension kit

The Atezr P20 Plus is a quad-core diode laser engraver with built-in powerful air assist, capable of cutting 12 mm solid wood and 8 mm acrylic in a single pass, as well as thin sheet metal as thin as 0.05 mm. With four 6W lasers combined with a 20W super lasers, making the P20 Plus an absolute ruler in the field of engraving and cutting.

Depending on the grayscale information from the image, the laser energy is automatically adjusted, resulting in sharper contrast and more natural color changes in the finished project.

Many materials cannot be engraved and cut with either 5W or 10W. 20W laser power can engrave over 40 different materials, cutting 12-15mm thick solid wood in one pass. High-performance air assist not only speeds cutting, but also improves results and produces cleaner surfaces.

Engraving materials: Wood, bamboo, cardboard, plastic, leather, PCB board, aluminum oxide, metal with non-reflective electroplated and painted surface layers, 304 mirror stainless steel, glass, ceramic, cotton fabric, slate……

Cutting materials: Paperboard, non-woven fabric, wood board, acrylic, thin plastic board, sponge……

As we can see on the Atezr P20 Plus machine, it has an air assist nozzle built into the laser head, in addition to a great air pump that blows away impurities created during engraving or cutting, ensuring a lower temperature on the surface of the material and reducing the smoky color from laser burns.

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