Model distinction of laser cutting machine

Customized laser cutting machine

Laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, garment laser cutting machine, super large format laser cutting machine, paper cutting laser cutting machine, filter cloth laser cutting machine, laser embroidery cutting machine, embroidery laser machine, fiber laser machine, semiconductor laser machine, CO2 laser machine marking machine, cutting machine and many other series of models.

Application industry

Garment, footwear, home textile, embroidery, fabric toys, leather, luggage, field, sports, automotive.

Typical Applications

Clothing, footwear, flooring, fabric toys, luggage, outdoor camping, car chairs and other cutting, applique embroidery, shaped trademarks, airbags and other laser cutting, clothing leather engraving hollowing, semi-finished and finished products spraying.

Applicable materials

Cotton, silk, various chemical fiber, denim, velvet and other textile materials or non-woven materials, leather, artificial leather, soft leather, decorative leather, packaging leather and other leather and leather materials.

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