How to adjust the accuracy of laser cutting machine

The adjusted laser cutting machine has very high accuracy and is widely used for cutting metal materials. The accuracy of the metal laser cutting machine determines the cutting quality of the work-piece and the productivity of the company. After a period of time, the cutting accuracy of laser cutting machine will decrease and produce a certain error, which is often caused by the change of focal length, timely adjustment of cutting accuracy is extremely necessary. Therefore, mastering how to adjust the accuracy is essential knowledge to operate the laser cutting machine.

Laser cutting machine in the entire production process, the same requirement for accuracy is also very high. But many times you will find just bought back or that the whole equipment after a period of time, the accuracy of the machine is not so accurate. So in this case, how to debug the laser? From the current situation, the accuracy of the laser cutting machine in the process of debugging, be sure to look at the focus of the above, the focus of the laser light point is often easy to modulate into the smallest. Then in this case, and then the initial effect of the relevant settings, through the size of the spot effect to determine the location of a series of focal point. Of course, we just need to recognize the laser spot to the smallest, then another position is the best processing focal point, next, we can set the position of that place there, and then you can let this equipment start working.


In addition, in the first half of the laser cutting machine adjustment, you can also use a number of different prop, such as adjusting the focus is often very important for debugging, a lot of precision can be grasped, while you can move the laser up and down, because only then you can have some control over the height, the size of the laser spot will have a variety of changes. Only many adjustments can be made to find the most appropriate focus, and then determine the relevant position.

In addition, after the laser cutting machine is installed, you can slide the lines on it and then simulate the relevant cutting pattern.

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