TwoTrees TS2

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The TwoTrees TS2 is a powerful diode laser engraving machine with a 450mm by 450mm engraving area, 10W laser power, and 0.01mm moving accuracy. It is a professional laser engraver that can cut through plywood and pinewood up to 8mm thick or engrave on any hard surface including stainless steel. The TS2 has an ultra-large engraving area that enables users to work easily on larger objects such as baseball bats or skateboards.

The TS2 comes with many features not found on most laser engravers in its class, including Z-axis auto-focus, a 32-bit motherboard, WiFi APP control, and extra details and features that make it stand out from the crowd. The assembly takes around an hour but could be put together more quickly with some focus. Once assembled, the machine performs really well in testing despite some assembly frustration.

The precision of the laser is noticeable when using the TS2 due to its ultra-fine 0.01mm engraving precision. This precision enables high-quality image transfer to materials. The machine also incorporates a powerful autofocus design for material height adjustment which saves time and boosts performance.

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