Atomstack X20 Pro

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The Atomstack X20 Pro is a powerful laser engraver and cutter machine that uses a quad-core diode to produce 20W of laser power. It is the most powerful diode laser engraver available in the market. The X20 Pro has four 6W lasers that are coupled into a 20W super laser, making it the absolute ruler in the field of engraving and cutting. The machine can easily cut 12mm wood, 8mm acrylic, and even cut 0.05mm thin sheet metal.

The X20 Pro has a working area of 400*400 mm and can operate offline. The product comes standard with an F30 Pro upgraded air assist kit that greatly improves cutting capacity and accuracy. Atomstack’s self-developed mobile phone app is also available for download on major Android application markets and Apple App Store.

The Atomstack X20 Pro is suitable for carving objects such as wood, bamboo, cardboard, plastic, leather, PCB board, aluminum oxide non-reflective electroplating layer and more. It is ideal for DIY enthusiasts who want to create personalized items or small business owners who want to offer custom-made products.

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