Open the intelligent 2.0 era of laser engraving machine industry.
Absolute leading technology in the diode laser field.
Good appearance design has captured the love of many young people.
The king of portable laser engraving machine field.
Very cost-effective among CO2 Laser machines brands
Young brands have gradually occupied some markets.
They launched a 10W laser engraver with an electric lift Z axis in 2022.
A base of users with super powerful 3D printers.
With a large user share, it has contributed to the development of the market.
The products of this secondary brand take the low-end route.

Laser engraving machine manufacturer in China

Laser engraving machine, as the name implies, is both an advanced device that uses laser light to engrave the material that needs to be engraved. Laser engraving machine is different from mechanical engraving machine and other traditional manual engraving methods, mechanical engraving machine is the use of mechanical means, such as diamond and other extremely hard materials to carve other things.

The laser engraving machine is the use of laser heat energy to carve the material, the laser engraving machine within the laser is its core. Generally speaking, the laser engraving machine is more widely used, and the engraving accuracy is higher, and the engraving speed is faster. And compared to the traditional manual engraving method, laser engraving can also be very delicate engraving effect, no less than the level of manual engraving process. It is because the laser engraving machine has so many superiority, so now the application of laser engraving machine has gradually replaced the traditional engraving equipment and ways to become the main engraving equipment.

Typically, lasers are more widely used in industry, such as fiber lasers and CO2 lasers. However, these devices are often expensive, and it is difficult for the average consumer to afford these costs. Thankfully, however, with the development of diode laser technology, more and more Chinese manufacturers are using this type of laser in their desktop laser engraving machines.

There are many Chinese manufacturers of diode laser engraving machines, such as the familiar Ortur, Atomstack, xTool and so on. Among them, Atomstack has made great progress in laser technology this year, and they are the first to launch 10W and 20W laser machines, which also enable users to meet their needs in cutting.

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