iKier is an up-and-coming brand that focuses on the high-end market. It has many innovations such as motorized Z-axis, sunken cutting, and the first time to increase the engraving speed to 800m/s. iKier will open the era of intelligent engraving machine 2.0.

  • Intelligent high-end route
  • 6 core 36W laser output
  • Motorized Z-axis
  • Sci-fi cool design
  • Beautiful Price

If the laser engraving machine in the 1.0 era can only be called a tool, then the laser engraving machine in the 2.0 era is called an intelligent tool. With top motion algorithm engineers in the industry, iKier has developed a number of industry-leading laser engraving products, including the first in the industry to achieve automatic laser focusing, the first in the industry to achieve automatic sinking cutting technology, and the first in the industry to continue engraving after an interruption.

iKier also has excellent optical experts who invest heavily in the research and development of laser modules every year, striving to make the laser spot finer, more powerful and more intelligent, to achieve more accurate, faster and more efficient engraving and cutting. We will also make the laser engraving machine like an eye that can automatically identify the engraving material, automatically load the engraving parameters and automatically start the engraving work.

We believe that the IKIER laser engraving machine will be like an intelligent robot, becoming a powerful assistant for people’s creative life, while bringing wireless and endless surprises, fun and creativity to everyone’s life.

iKier’s optical engineers have cleverly coupled multiple diode laser sources into a single super laser source. As a result, we have successfully launched the world’s first 10W, 20W, 30W and 40W class diode blue lasers. At the same time, we have advanced laser spot compression technology, which has historically reduced the spot area to 0.06*0.04mm, making engraving and cutting even finer.

Open the intelligent 2.0 era of laser engraving machine industry.
5.0 Overall

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