Best Rotary Roller for Laser Engraving Machine

An excellent roller kit is especially necessary if you need to engrave patterns on the surface of cylindrical objects. Almost all engraving machine manufacturers offer their own roller kits, however, they still differ in details.

A rotary attachment adds 4th axis rotational functionality to your laser engraver so you to work on a wider range of projects and geometries. However, with there being many different engravers and attachments out there, you need to choose carefully to ensure you find the right laser engraver with rotary attachments for you.

xTool RA2 Pro

xTool RA2 Pro is the WORLD’S FIRST 4-in-1 laser rotary attachment, including Roller Rotary, Chuck Rotary, Sphere-Engraving Module and Ring-Engraving Stud. You can unleash your creativity on almost all cylinders by changing accessories, such as wine glass, yeti tumbler, baseball bat, ring, ball, or mug with handle.

The RA2 Pro Laser attachment can hold the object tightly with a soft-pad covering jaws chuck, allowing smooth and efficient operation. The maximum vector engraving speed can reach 360°/s. The laser rotary module packs a precision stepper motor with a minimum angle of 0.45°, getting the best projects without missing a detail.

Atomstack R3 Pro

Atomstack is the first brand that comes to mind whenever someone mentions a premium laser engraver. It is because all their products are highly reliable and are used by residential and commercial users. The professional-grade build quality ensures a long lifespan with minimum maintenance. So, if you already have an Atomstack laser engraver in the workshop, the laser rotary attachment can be a profitable investment for the business.

Similarly, the 8-angle adjustments optimize the work area according to the dimension and shape of the object. You can also adjust the height of the attachment to make it suitable for your laser engraving machine. In short, if you are looking for a universal rotary attachment, this is the best one in the market.

ORTUR Laser Rotary Roller

Ortur has always stayed at the top of every best laser machine list for several reasons. Firstly, all their products are made from the best material possible. So, they are durable and last for several years. Secondly, they provide the best laser modules in their machines and even better motors in the attachment modules. In short, Ortur is a reliable brand with several useful laser accessories in its catalog.

Everyone is familiar with the wonders of the Ortur Laser Master machine. It is a CO2 laser engraver with an amplified laser beam for cutting and engraving hard materials. However, the only thing stopping it from becoming the best all-in-one laser engraver is that it isn’t compatible with cylindrical objects.

Well, worry not as Ortur provides a rotary roller attachment for such users. This attachment is very easy to install and quickly transforms any laser machine into a rotary laser engraver. The attachment uses a unique gear system to adjust the work area’s width according to the can.

In short, if you already have a plane laser engraver, I suggest that you invest in the YRR 2.0 instead of buying a whole new laser engraver.

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