Accessories for Laser Engraving Machine

There are several accessories available for laser engraving machines that can enhance their functionality and enable users to expand their capabilities. Some of the most common accessories for laser engraving machines include:


 Rotary Attachment:

A rotary attachment is a device that allows the laser engraving machine to engrave cylindrical objects such as cups, bottles, and tubes. The rotary attachment rotates the object during the engraving process, ensuring that the laser engraves on a continuous surface.

Air Assist:

Air assist is a system that directs a stream of compressed air over the surface being engraved. The air helps to clear away debris and prevent smoke and fumes from accumulating on the surface of the material. This can help to improve the quality of the engraving and reduce the risk of fire.

Honeycomb Cutting Table:

A honeycomb cutting table is a surface that provides a stable and flat base for materials during the engraving process. The honeycomb design allows for better airflow, which helps to prevent fires and improve the quality of the engraving.

    Laser Pointer:

A laser pointer is a device that emits a laser beam that can be used to mark the exact location where the laser will engrave. This can help to ensure accurate placement and prevent mistakes.


    Red Dot Pointer:

A red dot pointer is a device that projects a red dot onto the surface of the material to be engraved. This can help to ensure accurate placement of the design and improve the overall quality of the engraving.



Using the principle of airflow, fresh air is fed into the cover through the air inlet and then discharged outwards from the diagonally positioned exhaust fan.

Overall, these accessories can help to enhance the capabilities of a laser engraving machine and improve the quality of the engraving. Each accessory has its specific use and can help users to achieve a specific result. It is essential to choose the appropriate accessories for the job at hand to ensure the best results.

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