7 Best Laser Engraving Machines in 2022

The time has come to 2022, and diode laser engraving machine technology has actually made great progress. The laser modules that are already available are 20W, 15W, 10W, 5W. I believe that 25W, 30W modules will be available soon. So, according to your budget, choose the equipment that suits your needs. Here, we’ve picked out some of our top 7 engraving machines for you, hope you like it.

Atomstack X20 Pro

Without a doubt, the Atomstack X20 Pro is now the most powerful diode laser engraver. It is equipped with a world’s first quad-core laser module. Four 6W lasers are coupled into a 20W super laser, making the X20 Pro the absolute ruler in the field of engraving and cutting.

It is worth mentioning that the X20 Pro is equipped with a powerful air-assisted, 8-cylinder air pump that will help engraving and cutting even more, reducing the marks of the laser’s high temperature burning on the surface of the material.

xTool D1 Pro

The Makeblock xTool D1 Pro 20W has it all – the power, the speed, the quality, the usability and upgrade-ability. With this laser engraver, you can work fast, efficiently and reliably.

It is a well thought out machine that can do it all. It is a great machine for a serious user or for one that wants to start a laser engraving business. on a small to medium scale.

LaserPecker 3

The LaserPecker 3 is a new ultra-fast, compact laser engraving and cutting machine that has much in common with a model we recently discussed, the LaserPecker 2 Pro. However, the LaserPecker 3 differs in that it is an infrared pulse laser, which gives it exceptional performance when engraving on metals and plastics, making it a superior choice for working exclusively with these materials.

We can also say that it is a highly portable device compared to conventional fiber optic marking machines. On top of that, it inherits the handheld engraving mode to engrave on objects or real estate that by their nature cannot be placed on the work area.

Ortur Laser Master 3

It has been just one year since Ortur presented the last model with the Laser Master 2 Pro. Now it is time for a new one, which has just been presented in the form of the Ortur Laser Master 3. A lot has changed: The new device is twice as fast, has twice the laser power and looks much more modern. However, it also costs quite a bit of money.


After the success of the S6 and S9 models, SCULPFUN has been reliably informed that the next laser engraving machine will be released, the SCULPFUN S10, which we guess will be equipped with a 10W dual-core laser module similar to the Atomstack X7 Pro, as 5W laser power is not so popular nowadays.

In terms of design, the S10 should still be frame-mounted, with a working area of 410*400mm, which is said to be the most suitable size for a consumer’s home table.

It’s great that we see the addition of an air assist kit to this new unit, which customers don’t need to buy separately, saving a certain amount of budget. However, you will still need to purchase an air pump separately.

TwoTrees TS2

Desktop diode laser engravers are set to explode this year, with many brands launching their 10W models, and TwoTrees is no exception. Recently, they introduced the TwoTrees TS2, a new product that includes many highlights.

For the first time, the TwoTrees TS2 incorporates the ESP32-DOWD-V3 chipset with a 32-bit LX6 microprocessor, which allows it to engrave at a speed of 10,000mm/min, which is a relatively normal level. Like most other manufacturers, 10W refers to the laser output, while this unit has an electrical power output of 96W and can cut 8mm pine boards.

The laser module uses compressed spot technology to achieve an accuracy of 0.08mm. As we know, the smaller the laser spot, the higher the engraving PPI, which is the same as cell phone screen pixels.


We know that the M50 50W, Atomstack’s star laser module for 2021, was first used in this year’s flagship laser engraver, the X7 Pro, which shocked the diode laser industry. Now it’s about to be used in a portable device, the P9 M50.

The P-Series is a cantilevered design, and it has been successful with the P7 M40 – after all, there are still many users who prefer a small device. Small devices in the traditional sense usually mean low performance and cheap. But you may have to break the traditional thinking, this time the ATOMSTACK P9 M50 is really too powerful. In addition to its smaller engraving area, the core component laser module is the same as the X7 Pro M50 50W.

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