Open the intelligent 2.0 era of laser engraving machine industry.
Absolute leading technology in the diode laser field.
Good appearance design has captured the love of many young people.
The king of portable laser engraving machine field.
Very cost-effective among CO2 Laser machines brands
Young brands have gradually occupied some markets.
They launched a 10W laser engraver with an electric lift Z axis in 2022.
A base of users with super powerful 3D printers.
With a large user share, it has contributed to the development of the market.
The products of this secondary brand take the low-end route.


With the rapid development of laser technology in the past two years, the current laser equipment has been able to do many things. For example, the power of diode laser can reach 20W, which can not only engrave great patterns on metal, but also cut 20mm non-metallic materials.

On the other hand, with the improvement of industrial design, laser equipment has gradually become a home desktop type. Of course, the price of these devices has also dropped a lot, making it affordable for many people who like to play with DIY ideas.

Therefore it is especially important to know how to pick a suitable device for you. I suggest focusing your research on well-known brands, because unknown brands are difficult to provide quality products and after-sales support.

  • Sturdy and stable frame: Usually a sturdy frame will allow your laser head to work in a stable environment, thus ensuring smooth and clean engraved lines without jaggedness.
  • Powerful laser modules: You know, a powerful laser module is the soul of an engraver. The laser modules that are already available are 20W, 15W, 10W, 5W. I believe that 25W, 30W modules will be available soon. So, according to your budget, choose the equipment that suits your needs.
  • Rich accessory ecology: An excellent brand will definitely focus on the accessory ecosystem of its products. For example, a great air assist is very important for consumption, which can make the effect of your work more vivid. In addition, rollers, honeycomb plates, and extension kits are also accessories that many people need.
  • Rapid response after-sales support: It’s normal for equipment to break down, but you need to be able to find the brand’s after-sales team first and get a quick response.

In terms of safety and security, each of us laser users need to be alert. Laser it is with energy, its spot temperature is usually above 1000 degrees Celsius, therefore, when your laser engraving machine equipment is working, must not leave it, otherwise unimaginable consequences may happen. But people don’t have to worry too much, nowadays, laser equipment are in compliance with FCC / FDA / CE certification. Finally, a proper goggle is also necessary, wear it and go start your creative journey!

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